Saturday, January 31, 2009

Calling Dr. S

I had to go to the Dr. yesterday which is always a lovely experience, is it not? I developed some bruises on my legs, they just sort of appeared overnight, I must've been beating myself up on my sleep. I thought to myself "this is not normal, I must see the Dr." so off I went. I really hate going to the Dr. mostly because you never know what they are actually going to do to you. Part of me wondered if I was going in about some bruises and ended up having my left hand amputated or something. Another reason I hate the Dr. is all the touching and poking and stuff, I am quite uncomfortable with that particular type of physical contact. Dr. S is such a nice guy though and we had a wonderful visit. After a while he said he would like to do some lab work and an EKG to check out how totally cool my heart is. The MA (who, by the way, just returned from Mexico where it was 89 degrees while it was tropical 23 degrees here in Utah) came in with all the little tubes and various equipment that a vampire would need. She brought in a butterfly needle which was offensive because I have some seriously HUGE veins (no joke), butterfly needles are for wimps or very small children. I knew my veins could handle a much bigger needle but alas it was not meant to be. The MA must've filled like 1005769 tubes because it took forever. I also had an EKG. I've done bunches of EKGs in my time working at the Medical Clinic and I've had quite a few so I knew the drill. Remove all vital clothing from your upper person and put on a lovely nightie which is so not flattering with the opening in the front....WHAT?! The front?! That's awkward. Once again the MA returned with an EKG machine from the ice age and put the funky sticker things all over me and took a reading of my heart for about a minute then she was gone again. The Dr. looked at the EKG and said it was okie dokie except my heart rate was 50 which is kinda slow...I guess I was relaxed :) He also ordered my blood test STAT which is like the coolest medical word ever so I was excited about that.

So, that was my adventure at the Dr. office. Afterward we got ice cream because I was such a good girl. Okay, it wasn't because of that, it was mostly because we wanted it. P.S. I highly recommend Baskin Robbins new Butter Almond Crunch!!!

I have included a picture of my cute self and my cute haircut just for you Teen!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ah...the popcorn

I was browsing as I often do looking for a recipe for caramel popcorn a few weeks ago and came across one that in fact has no caramel in it at all but I decided to try it anyway. It requires very little effort (which is quite handy when you are as lazy as I am, using brain power me no likey) and it has the most glorious taste! It actually has marshmallows in it so it's all sticky and gooey. I have found my first love and only true passion in this popcorn. I could seriously eat the entire bowl in one sitting all by myself but I will not because that would be weird. I ate a little bit today and it made my tummy feel all gurgly and yucky but I went back and had some more, that's how good this stuff is folks. I will probably hide it from myself soon...out of sight out of mind, right? I doubt it, I see this stuff in my dreams!!!!

New Character: Lori-the horse lady who is just oozing with fabulousness
Now, the story I know you all are just DYING to hear...I got a new saddle for my "no horse" yesterday. OMG it is soooooooo cool. It's so comfortable and I'm told that it's actually a nice lovely shade of green. It's a Bob Marshall and Lori said it fits me like a dream and she is the expert. I haven't ridden in it yet but I'm counting the days until Monday when we go riding again. I've been riding Hiccup the horse quite a bit lately and we've developed quite the relationship so I am positive that she will enjoy the new saddle as well. We drove to Farmington to some lady's house to get it, the lady had a nasty attitude and I couldn't wait to leave her house. The saddle will be living at Lori's house which is convenient since I would have no use for it at my own house. I have included a pic of the saddle for your viewing pleasure...I guess all I need is a horse of my very own to go with it!! Someday soon I will have it...sigh.

Viewer discretion is WILL want this lovely piece of leather once you set eyes on it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Winner Takes It All

We recently purchased a game entitled "SingStar: ABBA" for the PS2. This is no ordinary game. You use the ancient Japanese art of Karaoke to rock your opponents socks off while watching splendid videos of the members of ABBA perform their songs in bright pink (actually, perhaps it's not pink) spandex. The object is to stay on pitch, the closer you are the more points you get and can I just say that I'm pretty much the best singer ever?! I played against my mom, we played like 10 songs and I won all but one song (I lost that one because I felt bad so I let her win, hee hee)...I'm not bragging or anything, actually I am. This game can get pretty dang intense especially when singing such songs as "Mamma Mia" and "Dancing Queen". These songs are so great! We're pretty much addicted to Mamma Mia the movie here at my house so we have them all memorized :)

On a less hard core note: I think my cat may be addicted to Stauffer's Cheddar Cheese Snack Crackers. I gave him one a few nights ago and he kept trying to knock over the box so I kept giving him more and more and he seemed to enjoy it a little too much. Little Man probably needs a 12-step for cracker addicts, maybe I'll try and find him one. He seems okay, I was sure that we would be needing some drain-0 or whatever to unclog his pipes but so far so good. I plan to keep on feeding him cheese crackers instead of actual kitty treats mostly because they are cheaper and kitty snacks come in repulsive flavors that I would never subject him too. At least there are no actual animal parts in the crackers. I do love my kitty!!!!

Recipe of the day: two slices of wonder whole wheat bread, one slice of costco ham and TONS of mustard...I mean TONS, put the ham between the bread and squirt mustard on top, cut in half, remove crust and enjoy!!! *This meal goes great with marshmallow carmel popcorn.*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm a GIRL

It's official...I am a girl. Yes, it's true. I'm not really in to all the "girly stuff" like makeup (just crap you put over you face that you have to turn around and wash off again, waste of time), doing my hair (I can blow dry and flat iron it in 10 minutes and that's still too long) and painting my fingernails (ewww). I surprised myself my asking Amanda if she wanted to go get her nails done with me so we went to the nail place and had them done. Amanda got pink tips with sparkles but that's not really me so I went for white tips and they are absolutely perfect! I never ever thought I would do such a thing. It was fun though. I can't guarantee how long I will keep them but they are fine for now.

Tip of the day: Wear boots when it snows outside

Saturday, January 24, 2009


For real the first time I saw TOFW (Time Out For Women) I actually thought it said Tofu and I was like "that's totally disgusting" until I realized that's actually NOT what it said at all. Anyway, my mom and Grandma and I attended Time Out For Women over the last two days and let me just say that it was absolutely the bomb diggity dot com. I got to see my BFF Michael (McLean), we chatted and he gave me persmission to play A LOT. Brad and Debi Wilcox spoke about laughter and pretty much all they did was tell jokes which was cool with me because that's basically my level so I could understand it. Kenneth Cope is probably one of the funniest people I've ever seen, he sang and told jokes and stuff. There were a lot of other speakers that were good too. OH! We got these awesome tote bags that say Time Out For Women on them and they are my favorite colors (can I actually have a favorite color?? Note to self: figure this out ASAP) brown and blue. Deseret Book held a drawing for three $50 gift certificates to their store and I was harnessing my chi and using the power of the secret to make sure that I won one of them but unfortunately it didn't work so I have lost all hope that using the secret actually will get me what I want in life.
Also over the past few days I got my hair cut SHORT which surprised me. I walked in to the salon and my good buddy Jennifer was like "what do you want done to it?" and I said "maybe keep it the same but a little shorter" so she showed me what she had in mind and I told her to just go for it. I was concerned that I would resemble a mushroom and I would rather not be a nasty fungus that grows from the dirt but it's so cute, I don't have mushroomitis and for this I am very grateful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The SODA that fell from heaven

Yes, it's true. I have found the most amazing refreshment for the parched individuals taste buds. I am a lover of all things diet pepsi (and no, you cannot persuade me to have a diet coke) and normally I go to the gas station and fill my cup with diet pepsi and then pump copious amounts of vanilla flavoring into it. However, this will not be the case anymore! Now I have discovered the wonderful flavor of raspberry MIXED with vanilla. I had no idea what I missing out on. I decided to be brave and add the raspberry and all of a sudden it was like a party in mouth, my taste buds were alive with the sound of music (okay, not really but that song is stuck in me head at the moment). So, all you diet pepsi fans, give the raspberry vanilla flavor a try!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

....and then there was today

So here's the deal...I didn't update my blog and then I didn't update it again and again and again until I just didn't want to deal with it :) but I've recently changed my mind (thank you Teen) and I am once again on the blog wagon. Since there is so much that I actually haven't written about we'll just forget those things and start with the most recent event...the family vaca!
New Character: Helly-the Lexus (a.ka. our car)
So, like 12 days ago or something we all packed up our bags, loaded them in the car (that was a sight because there was so much stuff that nobody could see out the back window), plugged into our ipods and headed out for Arizona, birthplace of the amazingly wonderful AMANDA. I was worried about how this road trip would turn out, you know squished in the tiny back seat of Helly but it was actually pretty fun. We headed to Vegas first, we got there at night when it was all lit up and pretty. There wasn't time to do much but check out the water show at the Bellagion. Oh! Yeah, I went to a casino that night wearing a shirt that had my driver license on one side and my birth certificate on the other. I still got carded four times but I ended up winning 4 buckaroos playing blackjack! Anyway, we settled into the condo for the night and enjoyed a few hours of sleep.

We got to Arizona the next day and had much to do in the way of visiting people I don't remember but who remember me (anyone else think that's creepy?). It was fun to visit these strangers. We did other stuff too like go to the mall and swimming. We saw cactuses and trees with exotic fruits on them.

On the way home we stoppped in Vegas for another night. We ended up at the M&M World which was totally fabulously chocolate filled and delicious. The vacation was fun but there's nothing like coming home!

So, that's all for now, more on the wonderful amazing life later! Toodles (also in honor of Teen)