Monday, March 15, 2010


I prepared a lovely pan of cookies to be put in the oven and I cooked them until they were a "light golden brown" on the edges, you know just like the package says. I took them out of the oven and let them sit and chill for a while and I looked at them and thought they were a little doughy so I put them back in the oven and promptly FORGOT ABOUT THEM! This is like the 123438474th time I have done this. Needless to say they were a lovely shade of black. I do believe it's time for me to start setting the timer when I decide to make cookies. St. Patrick's Day sugar cookies turned out fabulously. They are clover and little short man hat shaped with green frosting...yeah, I went there and I did that!
Here is a pic of my cookies, it's a before and after (meaning the first batch and the second batch)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Folks girlfriends a little B.O.R.E.D. but that is to be expected when one is working the day shift. Seriously nobody eats breakfast ever. We serve incredibly delicious breakfast sandwiches but nobody wants them because of their new years resolutions and Atkins's diets and what not. Diets are bad for your health and bad for business. It seems like people these days are looking for a quick fix to all life's problems. They try every new diet because "thin is in" and they expect instant gratification and are frustrated when their new diets fail, then the next new diet fails...blah blah blah. Okay, got that out of my system.
So I was driving down the road on my way to work and there are rocks everywhere throughout the canyon. As I was swerving around the rocks, trying to avoid the cars in the other lane I thought to myself "isn't this just like life, there are always rocks that must be swerved around and cars in the other lane that must be avoided" and then I thought "haha, how smart of me to come up with such an analogy" and then I thought "wow, analogy is a BIG word, I am brilliant". But really people, it's true. Everywhere you turn there are rocks in the road of life. Whether they are financial rocks, social rocks or whatever. They cannot be avoided, they are part of learning and growing while we are here on earth. Sometimes the rocks get kicked up underneath your vehicle and poke holes in the gas tank and things blow up but it's not the end of the world. The gas tank can be repaired and your vehicle will one again be on the road. Isn't it great to know that although we have trials, there is someone who can help you through it. Friends and family and Heavenly Father can repair you and everything is wondeeful again :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Versed: Friend of Foe?

Once again I find that I have not updated my blog in, well....a long time. Needless to say much has happened. To sum it all up: work, be lazy, work, be lazy, etc. That is all.
I recently under went a small procedure to correct some "gum erosion" on six of my teeth. The nice periodontist man and his cute assistant lady explained what to expect and how the procedure would be performed. I was told on that day of the procedure that I was not to operate heavy machinery and I was to have a responsible adult driver to chauffeur me home. So, using the meat slicer and having Tim drive me home was out of the question because the slicer should be considered heavy machinery and Tim is only 12. The day of the procedure came, Manda drove me down to the appointment while mother attended to some important matters like registering my baby sister for JUNIOR HIGH! I was called back to the room, set in a chair and told to lean back. The dentist man was there and cute assistant S was there. Dentist man started an IV, shoved some propofol and versed through it and I was OUT. Thankfully so because during the procedure the roof of my mouth was cut in two areas to get the donor tissue that was placed over each site. Apparently the drugs were metabolized through my system quickly and I kept waking up telling them I was scared and needed more medicine. Dentist kept pushing the versed which kept knocking me out. With the three hour procedure fifteen minutes from completion he pushed one more tiny amount of versed and my body said "uh, excuse me, I am SO over this" (the rebellious little fart) and proceeded to go into a seizure. I was not coherent at this time, dentist man and S brought my mom in and called 911. I was pretty bummed that I was like unconscious, not breathing and flopping like a fish in the ambulance cuz I would have been interested to know whether the paramedics were cute but that is a different subject. In the ER the docs there finally stopped the seizures, helped me start to breathe, reversed the versed and I was up and at it once again. I had no idea of course why I would be laying in the ER with my favorite jammie shirt in tatters next to me wearing a lovely hospital nightie (really, they are the new black). Anyway, I felt awkward so I made some jokes, stayed a couple hours and went home. It was not a fun experience but now I know that my body only likes teeny tiny amounts of versed.
PS the discharge nurse left an IV IN MY ARM which I did not realize until I was safely tucked away on the couch at home. Seriously? An IV? The results of this ordeal are show below. Please note that this content may be disturbing to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised.