Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tales from the deli and beyond

Since I started working at the deli there have been many strange and somewhat bizarre occurrences. There are some weird people hanging out down there. To name a few of these things: A guy comes in the other day, he's probably around 40 and slightly Hispanic and he wants a coffee. He informs me and Miss J that he has just completed his community service and was on his way to court...okay great. While Miss J is making his breakfast sandwich to go with his coffee he starts talking to me and being the kind person that I am, I listen politely as he rambles on about something I don't care about. Then he asks me if I would like to go to dinner and see a movie with him! Whoa buddy, this relationship is moving a little too fast for me. I politely declined and returned to the back area to finish taking care of some business I had with 12 loaves of bread. Oh, he also asked if my dad was around because he wanted to get his permission to take me out...ewww.
The other day I delivered a catering order to the Catholic elementary school. It consisted of 50 sandwiches, 50 bags of chips and 50 cookies. I started bringing everything in and the old lady at the front desk strikes up a convo that went something like this:
Old lady: "Did you drive here?"
Me: "Yes I drove here"
Old lady: "Are you sure you drove here?"
Me: "Yes, I am sure"
Old lady: "Wow, are you even 12 years old?!"
Me: "Yes, I'm a lot older than 12"
The end.
We have a breakfast sandwich called the Chaz Bagel which consists of turkey, American cheese and avocado. Yesterday some lady calls Miss J and informs her that she ordered a Chaz Bagel the day before and it came without turkey and cheese. Okay crazy, we would have noticed if we just put avocado on a bagel because that's weird. Miss J told her that she needs to come back immediately if there is a problem so we can fix it and then told her to come back in and we would make her another sandwich free of charge. She comes in and neither Miss J or I recognize her and she tells us that she had gotten a CALLIE bagel and it was made wrong. Liar. First she says we forgot everything on the sandwich and then she tells us she ordered a different sandwich than what she had originally told us. Some people's children.
Work has been fun. I love making the breads and cakes and cookies. I tried a new recipe...Strawberry Shortcake and it's been a hit! We recently got cinnamon rolls that are as big as my head, it's too early to tell if they will be popular or not. I saw the big T for a sesh today and when I got there he had a Gandolfo's cup on his desk and he said he went there for lunch because he had to try my chocolate mousse cake which he loved by the way. I was happy to hear that. Speaking of the T, he is a weird one. He has informed me that if you step on a cheeto and twist your foot, it doesn't leave a mark on the ground. Also, blue M&Ms are good for your spine. It's true. I googled it. So, if you happen to have some spinal problems simply eat blue M&Ms and if you don't care of M&Ms, simply suck the blue of the blue ones and whatever ailment you may have had will most assuredly disappear. I have a candy machine full of M&Ms so if you need some blue ones you can put a quarter in my machine. That's the price you pay for good spinal health.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Brownies and Kittens and my dear Aunt Teen

I heard a rumor today that I haven't blogged since July 15th and that some people may be perturbed about this (I won't mention any names...Teen). As a result of not blogging for about 18 days there is much to tell.
A couple days ago I took the papillon outside to take care of some early morning business and in the midst of the quiet morning I heard a tiny little "meow" actually it was more like an angry meow. Lily and I went to scope out the situation and under a weedy bush we found a teeny kitten, maybe three weeks old and it was a very unhappy camper. I suspect that it was angry because it had been abandoned and also that it was hungry. Of course I picked it up and brought it inside and fed it some Ensure...I shared my nutritional, oh so yummy, please gain weight, homemade vanilla shake ensure with this poor unfortunate little kitty. It was pretty darn happy after that. Lily was rough with her so they had to take turns getting to play. Lily would go in her kennel while the kitten played then the kitten would go in her kennel while Lily antagonized it or whined at the door of the room we put it in. A family in our ward was in a need of a kitten so they took her. She should be happy and doing well. She will be loved where she is at.
I made brownies today. They were delicious brownies. My mother requested them a few days ago and my busy self could not get to them until this afternoon. We put some in the freezer and that made them way better. Also, I discovered that putting a brownie in a Fed Ex envelope and mailing it to Preston, ID would be a very bad idea. Virtual Fed Ex by email is much easier and less messy, however the brownie still seemed to arrive crumbly?? Figure that out. Now you must bask in the joy of the brownies and wish that you were eating one, it would be like a party in your bask...
One other item of important business. I am employed. That's right! Come on down to Gandolfo's where you will NOT receive a discount for mentioning this ad and I will gladly make you any sandwich your little hearts desire. I only know how to make one but that it beside the point. I can proof and bake bread like nobody's business. I make a mean kaiser and hero roll. I work everyday from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. and I have my very own key to the store and an awesome black shirt that says "Gandolfo's" all over it and shows Lily hair very well. That is all.
Farewell for now my lovelies.