Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mi papillon est handicape

I speak french now by the way. My cute little papillon is indeed handicapped, I've even thought of getting a tag for my car window so I can park in the special spaces. I took Lily to the vet last week to get her rabies shot (OUCH) and the vet looked in her mouth and said "she has a severe overbite"...okay, what does that mean? Well, her top teeth are pushing in to her gums on the bottom and hurting, that's not good. I asked what could be done about this and the vet told me that when her big girl teeth come in chances are good that they will have to be pulled to prevent her from being in pain. Also, she said if I have a lot of money that I could get her braces. What the moldy cheese?!? Braces for a dog, absurd. So, that is why my puppy is handicapped.
In other news: I just ordered a book on Amazon using one-click ordering and it's totally fab.

Also, my sissy gave me this wonderful poem and I thought I would share it here.

The new me
Change can be a scary thing
Like the caterpillar,
I must find my wings.
Heavenly Father created me to move.
He knows that day by day
I will improve.
I must decide to make the change soon,
To grow inside my spiritual cacoon.
While inside this place
Called earthy home,
I pray and search,
I'm not alone.
Then one day, after struggles and pain,
I win the price of eternal reign.
A butterfly I've become.
I tell Heavenly Father
that his work is done.

Monday, April 20, 2009

House bueno

Lily must be house trained so she does not continue to soil our lovely home. Usually she does okay...actually I lied, she never does okay. The thing is that when I take her outside to use el bano she never quit finishes because she gets distracted "mid-doody" and then when she comes back inside she still has more to doodle. She seems to forget why she's outside in the first place. Typically it is the cat that distracts her then she has to act all tough and mean while the cat sits back and rolls his eyes. It's even worse when it's 5 degrees outside and she just WON'T GO! I'm not going to stand outside all night and freeze so I put a pee pee pad in my room which she is actually good at using. She seems to have to go at 5:00 a.m. lately which is inconvenient because nobody in their right mind wants to get out of bed that early especially to take the dog outside!! I've decided that I will watch her at all times to make sure that I catch her every time she starts sniffing for a suitable spot to do the dirty deed. Also, when nobody is home she gets to start being locked in a kennel until somebody lets her out. She doesn't like this, I don't blame her but it must be done. In hopes of making her more comfortable I have situated the kennel in the piano room directly in the sun so she can at least stay warm and comfy.
In other news I have achieved pro status in bowling on the Wii. Now I get a special glittery ball with stars...yeah, I'm just that good!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Who knew?

I started piano lessons yesterday and was informed that I would have to remove my nails. That's okay with me, I was thinking about it anyway. Now, the problem was on earth do I do that? With acrylic nails it's easy enough to soak your hands in acetone and peel them off but unfortunately mine were gel. Naturally I thought that they would come off like acrylic but I was wrong! I started by soaking my fingers in acetone for like 30 minutes, by then most of my fingers had been burned off from the chemicals...not good. Next, we thought maybe we'll just chisel away at them with sharp things, that was a no deal. Next thought "ah who cares, they'll come off at some point". Today I went down to the ATC hoping they could help me. It turns out that all you have to do is file them for 2 HOURS and they come right off. Who knew? There was a girl at each of my hands sawing away with their nail files. O-U-C-H. The girl on the right hand went fairly quickly, the girl doing the left hand was a different story. By the time righty got all finished lefty was on nail numero 2. Righty then said to lefty "why don't you go get some lunch and I'll finish this hand". Thank goodness! My fingers hurt and my nails are bendy and gross but apparently that won't last forever. Now I can comfortably play the piano with the pads of my dainty little fingers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Funny joke!

Two muffins were sitting in the oven. One muffin turned to the other and said "man, it's hot in here" and the other muffin yelled "ahhh! A talking muffin!"


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The many looks of Lily

Some might say that it is weird to dress your dog in actual people clothes (am I wrong?), I however think it is...precious. I enjoy dressing Lily in her clothes and she enjoys being dressed, she really does, you can ask her. I love taking her out and hearing all the people "ahhhh she's so cute, look at her little dress" or "ohhhh can I pet her, her outfit is darling, she's so soft, what kind is she, are those ears real?" Anyway, back to the point...I think dog clothes are neat, I've been using my mad seamstress skills to even make some cute little vest and I still can't sew! So, here are just a few of Lily's many outfits...just a few:

P.S I presonally made the blue (?) one with butterflies or "papillons" as they say in french and I made the pink (?) one with buttons! go me...go me...go me!!
Tip of the day: when a bowl comes out of the oven, it is generally hot and shouldn't be touched