Friday, June 26, 2009

What are you looking at?

I went to Lagoon with Manda and Timini yesterday and it was fun. The weather was good, the lines were super short so we didn't have to wait a long time. I only got to stay there for a few hours though because I had an appointment with my T (when I got there he asked me why the heck I came to see him instead of staying at Lagoon!), Manda and Timini stayed almost the whole day! At one point we were waiting in line for the Spider, the line was short but still a bit of a wait. There were two girls in front of us, I would guess they were probably 15, anyway, one of the girls kept turning around and just staring at us. What the heck?! You don't just turn around and stare at people. Manda wanted to punch her in the face, I wanted to scratch at her eyes and tell her to mind her own business and Timini was, as usual, totally oblivious. We could figure out why this girl kept looking at us but finally came up with this:
"She is jealous that the three of us are so cute and she is not, she was feeling a bit self-conscious about her abnormally large nose".
We got on the Spider and didn't think too much about her. As we were walking through the park I saw her eating ice cream on a bench and again she just stared at us. How rude! I should've asked her what her problem was or if I could help her with something. Having people do that can make one feel self-conscious about themselves and that's a no good feeling!
In further news, I find myself sitting and staring at the computer yet again waiting for an order to appear. There hasn't been a single one ALL morning and I'm getting bored.
Michael Jackson is, why do we care so much? It seems like that's the only thing I've heard for the past 24 hours..."Oh my heck, did you hear Michael Jackson died", "Michael Jackson is dead, what happened", "The greatest pop icon dies at 50". I don't want to be insensitive, I'm sure this is a very difficult time for the Jackson family, I however do not care and I am a little bit sick of hearing about it. Also, Farah Fawcett died the same day, why don't we care as much about her? I think she's pretty much amazing...poor thing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Italian Ice, Ice-less soda and Icecubes

Let's discuss ice. As I was riding around town with my mammy and sisters yesterday I realized that our trip in fact contained a lot of ice. First there was the Italian Ice from Zeppes (if you've never been to Zeppes you're missing out of the finest Italian ice EVER to hit planet earth), then we went to Maverik where I purchased a Diet Pepsi sans ice. I've found that ice makes the soda flavorless and flat which is not what you want in a soda. Hence, the ice-less soda. Our last stop was to the grocery store. At the checkout line there was a little plastic bucket of Icecubes, now I've never seen such a thing as this particular Icecube so naturally I had to get one. It turns out they are actually chocolate! How fun is that!? It's pretty good chocolate too. The only downfall to these yummy chocolate treats is that they melt instantly so you have to eat them super quick.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Boredom and emails

Boredom is one of those things I don't handle well which is why the weekend was somewhat....shall we say difficult? Here's the run down
The parental units hopped a plan to san fran on Tuesday night so it was me and the sistas, great fun. Wednesday was B-O-R-I-N-G with a capital b-o-r-i-n-g (as you can clearly see). Basically I sat around and stared at the computer screen waiting for emails to come saying there was an appraisal order. You see, if you don't click on the email immediately you don't get the order. After a while this became very entertaining. It's like a game and you're playing against every other appraiser in Utah and then you get an order and a victory dance is absolutely necessary...haha suckers!! I got it first! Okay, so that was Wednesday. Thursday I took Tim to Lagoon fairly early. I dropped her off and the rain was SO hard and it was scary. I was sure I was going to die before I made it home but alas...I did not. I also had therapy and went to Orem to see the big D. It was a rather boring day as well. Friday I stared at the computer again. Saturday I baked a cheesecake for my padre to show my love for him on Father's Day. This cheesecake is a monster! It took me about four hours but it was totally fun. On Saturday night Tim and I went to get the mammasita and daddy-o from the airport.
Other stuff that I just want to say:
  • Lily is doing amazingly well since her pretty purple and pink bandage came off. She's running around absolutely CRAZY and her hip is staying right where it should be. I'm sure she's glad that she can walk normally again. She does miss the color though, it sort of made her eyes POP. So cute.
  • There is a sticker in my pants and it's really bugging me...seriously.
  • Who the heck puts a carnival in the middle of an intersection?
  • I'm staring at the computer screen again. I've made it my goal in life to get every stinkin' email that comes across. P.S. I've got two orders already which pretty much makes me not the biggest loser! Poor other appraisers, I dare them to mess with me and my mad mouse skills.
  • T.R. Knight is officially leaving Grey's Anatomy *tear* I love you George....
  • The Offspring is rocking my socks off right now. I LURVE them!

Tip of the day: Wait for the PB bars to cool before you put the PB on or it will melt

Friday, June 19, 2009

The rain, and also...the rain plus making ice cream

I love the rain and there has been a lot of it. I've loved waking up every morning to gray clouds. I was driving to Lagoon to drop of the big little sis and on the way back there was like an inch of water on the freeway and then it started hailing, I couldn't see a thing lie, it freaked me out a teensy bit. Also, I haven't had to water my flowers for a very long time and they are still alive!
New subject: I have discovered the greatest thing since sliced cheese, for real. Homemade ice cream! It's super easy and super delicious. I made a kick booty cake batter ice cream that is soooooo much better than Cold Stone (don't tell them I said that) and I made cookie dough and butterfinger too! Just mix the stuff up, pour it in the bucket and turn on the motor, it's fabulous. It's also way cheaper than the stuff from the store which is great for the wallet. I highly recommend trying this fine art

Thursday, June 11, 2009

An update on the injured mini k-9

Lily is doing quite well these days. After her "incident" on Sunday her leg was wrapped up in pretty pink tape so that her ligaments and other weird hip parts could heal properly. On Tuesday she wiggled herself out of the bandage and walked like she was feeling better. That night I made the mistake of taking her to her puppy class where she walked for the entire hour and a half (she learned to heel!). On Wednesday morning she woke up fine but as the day went on she seemed to be having more pain and more pain (stubborn dog refused to take her pill) and by 6:00 we couldn't even touch her leg...UH OH! I called the vet and took her down, the vet tech put a muzzle on her, it was blue and she likes pink so she was angry about that. They x-rayed her and her hip had dislocated AGAIN! So, they put her under and fixed the hip and wrapped it again in pink...her favorite color of all time. At 1:30 this morning she wiggled out of the bandage for a second time, no good. The doc said to try and keep it on her for a week,5 hours wasn't going to cut it. I woke up the parentals and we just couldn't get the wrap back on so I stayed up all night with her to make sure she didn't do anything stupid like take another leap off of something attempting to fly. At 7:00 this morning we called the vet who lives down the street and he came right over and wrapped it up nice and snug (it's purple this time). She looks a little retarded with three legs but it won't be for long!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lily the butter"fall"

Sunday brought a most traumatic event to our house. After church I was standing in the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I caught something falling from the cat walk on the third floor (about 10 ft. above the main level) and then I heard a "thud" and then I heard Lily crying. She was hopping around on three legs with her back leg tucked up underneath her. I freaked out, I just knew her leg was broken. She didn't appear to be hurt anywhere else so I picked her up and held her. We called the ER for animals from the phone book and they said that they wouldn't be able to see her for at least three hourse because they were just going in to surgery. Then we called every after hours number we could find and finally got a vet that lives just down the street from us. He came over and looked at her and decided to bring her down to his vet office. I didn't go because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle watching him fix her and hearing her cry. It turns out that she dislocated her hip pretty good. Now she is all better, her hip is being held in place by a wrap for a few days but she'll be fine. Also, while she was knocked out getting her leg fixed the vet pulled her teeth which makes her "no longer handicapped". I get to keep her teeth and a CD that has her x-rays on it (she has the teeny tiny little bones). So, Lily apparently cannot fly even with the size of her ears. She may think she can but no, she in fact cannot.