Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post without a name

I went to my Grandma's house over the weekend and enjoyed a lovely time surrounded by the smell of Idaho potatoes and dirt! I actually went with my mom and Amanda to attend a craft fair which was awesome! It was seriously a party. We spent most of the day at the craft fair. It was also my mom's b-day and we totally surprised her with presents and we bought balloons and a cake for her and celebrated. I bet it was the best b-day she ever had!
Sad story: when it was time to go home I put the balloons in the car and accidentally let go of them and they are now orbiting the earth.

Completely different topic: I've found myself wondering what to do when boredom seems to be the most exciting thing in life. I've tried various things such as staring at a wall, talking to a stuffed bear I might possibly be crazy...note to self "seek help" and stuff like reading but my attention span is nonexistent so I could use some ideas because I've exhausted all of my own :)

Since I can't think of anything else to say this post seems to be over!

*tip of the day: don't lock your keys in the trunk of your car

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cowgirl up!

Recently I have developed a great love for all things "cowboy", yes that is correct. What I love most about this most rececnt phase in my life is horse riding. I've been riding a pony named Cimmaron

Observe... Me on Cimmaron

So, at first I was like "no way am I getting on a horse, EVER" because of a traumatic horse experience a few years ago but I went ahead and got on. As I was riding the horse was sneezing and this was the point where I freaked out and jumped off. I've become more comfortable with horse riding and can now stay on the horse for a whole five minutes. I decided to reward myself for my bravery and invested in a pair of boots...I never thought I would ever say that and they are almost my favorite pair of shoes.

Observe...the boots

So, basically horse therapy (as I prefer to call it) is a wonderful way to get therapized.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The day of celebration I forgot

It's the lovely month of September...actually it is quite a lovely month. This month marks the second anniversary...of my singleness. Ah, I'm lovin' life! We all hope to be happily married one day, in my case it was just plain "married" nothing happily about it and now I'm happily not married which is even better!
I once thought "I'm single now, a reject, a failure" but NO! Life is better now, life is actually good being single. I attempted marriage in all my youthful stupidity and now as far as I'm concerned it never even happend. I'm movin' on, I'm bustin' out! There are brighter days ahead my friends and I'm going out to celebrate my anniversary without a husband!
September 14th is the actual day of divorce paper finalization and it came and went without me remembering but I'm remembering now and there's a party going on in my tiny little head! I think I'll buy myself a present...

Tip of the day: nobody actually cares what you will be eating for lunch on wednesday

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some vital info

First let me introduce some of the characters of whom I will speak:

Me, I, Myself etc: Cass, the author of my life
Mom: she who birthed me, my hero
Dad: my male parental unit
Kade: my bro
Manda: my sister and best friend
Timini: the baby of the fam, my other sister and best friend
Little Man: my very adorable kitty
Addi: my friend of the k-9 variety
Tucker: the baby k-9, my puppy
Lyn: my very good friend, one of the most important people in my life
Sarah: my california friend, a very funny person
ED: my eating disorder, anorexia, life sucker, dream killer...

*All other characters will be introduced at the time of their appearance