Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camp...young women's style

I've never been to an actual "young women's camp" before. I think when I was like 15 I went to camp for part of a day but never had the full experience. Well, this year you might call young women's camp our family vacation. Manda and Tim went since they are obviously young women, mom went because she's a laurel advisor and dad went because without him the girls would have starved. So, it seemed like a good idea for me to go as well. The afternoon before mom and I went up (mom had to work so we didn't go the whole time) I had a "procedure" which caused me a great deal of pain. The next morning we went to Idaho for girls camp. I was sure I would be fine but it turns out that I was in a lot more pain than I originally thought I would be. The morning we left was basically torture but....I conquered and came out mostly alive!! I really tried hard to enjoy girls camp and I did enjoy it, just hurting a little bit. We did all sorts of crafty things and I even got to be in charge of making magnet boards! It was great. I helped cook chicken and apple, cherry and peach cobbler. It was fun to watch the girls play in the water and do their various activities. I took Lily and she and I shared a sheep camp (totally cute). So I have now experienced a real young women's camp. Lily also enjoyed camp. She was tied up outside for almost the whole time we were there. The girls liked playing with her. When we got home she was exhausted! She slept for two days. I think a few days of camp is more than a tiny little puppy can handle.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was assigned the task of taking comp pictures today in the most ridiculously addressed town in Utah, that's right, Plain City (or perhaps Farr West?). I'm driving along 2700 N thinking I can pretty much get to anywhere from that particular street, NO! It turns out that the streets wind aimlessly forever. You think you know exactly where you are only to find out that you are not even close. For example I started out looking for an address on 3900 W so it seems natural that I would take 3900 west and I did. The road curved around so much I got car sick and ended up coming out on something like 2300 W and I hadn't found the house I was originally looking for. I left the house at 11:00 and returned at 3:00, all but a half hour of those hours was spent looking for houses to take pictures of. Also, taking comp pictures makes me nervous. Like what if I'm taking a picture of some old lady's house and she sees me through her window and runs out in her house coat waving a rolling pin while I frantically search for the window button?! What if some big scary guy comes out and yells at me or some scared little mommy calls the cops claiming I'm a kidnapper?! These scenarios are entirely possible although I have not encountered them yet. Another thing, I was on some silly side road and I was stopped in CONSTRUCTION (hello people, who does construction on silly side roads) for 15 minutes (no lie). It was lame.
When I came home Tim and mom and I went swimming in sista P's pool and it was fab. I'm looking hot in my bathing suit and sweet pink goggles. I love the word "goggle" and couldn't stop saying it for like an hour. There were bugs in the pool but they didn't scare me, I was like a fish out there! After swimming I had an awesome piano lesson full of much praise and accomplishment then Tim and I took Lily to the park and went walking. Great fun.
On a sadder note: Little Man, my lovable, entirely too fluffy, psycho cat is in heaven now with his sissy Isabelle. Apparently he got hit sometime Monday and we didn't even know until that night. It was tragic. I couldn't look at him. Fortunately Kade was home for the weekend and buried him. It really is a sad thing. I really loved my kitty. RIP Little Man.