Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well Done

I'm going to start out my giving myself a BOOYAH BABY! That's right. Go me, go me. I'm currently giving myself a pat on the back and I'm about to tell you why. Drum roll please.....
I sang in Sacrament Meeting at church today. Yeah, shy-anxiety filled-stand in the corner-don't look at me please Cassie. That's me. I'm a new woman and she's coming out to play folks! I sang with little sista T and we did phenomenal. I would say the crowd was roaring and giving us a standing ovation but we were in church and reverence is looked upon very highly. We sang a lovely Sally DeFord song entiteld "When Mary Sang Her Lullaby", it was so pretty . After the meeting one of the members came up to us and told us that she was very touched and that we should record our song because we were so great. My head swelled a little at this moment. Anyway, one more fear conquered several million to go! It's the little accomplishments that must be appreciated. No sense wasting time wondring when I will do the next big thing. For now I am quite content where I'm at.
In other breaking news there is a GI-NOR-MUS (spelling?) I mean BIG raccoon taking up residence the the tree directly east from where we reside. I can see him if I look out the window. I thought perhaps I would name him Elmer as in Fudd. Elmer Fudd, get it? He's awfully cute but mom says not to get too close because he could attack me and kill me.

Tip of the day: do not mess with giant raccoons, they will eat you.

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Corena said...

Yes, the music was amazing! Cassie and Timini sang beautifully!