Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long Time, No See

Well peeps, it finally happened...I got sprung from the lovely land that is known as Center for Change. I've had a rough go but I made it out alive and I'm oh so happy and healthy!
Let me recap the experience for you here: I arrived at the Center on September 14, 2009 in not so great condition. I sign my life away, get my bags and then it's off to Unit 1 while my dear mother goes with my therapist Dr. Julie to converse for a moment. I get my stuff dropped off and then Dr. Julie and my mom come back, we all talk together for a few minutes then it's time to say goodbye to my mom. She walked out the door and there I was by myself. The nurse took me, poked me, did an EKG and then checked to see how tall I was (not good news, I came it a whopping 5'2"). I did an assessment with the nurse that took like my entire life to complete and she determined that I was at a "re-feeding" risk so my heart could stop if I ate too much?!?! After the nurse was finished two of the care techs (who I affectionately call "babysitters") took me in a back room, made me strip down, of all the things! How indecent. I put on a hospital nightie and stepped on the scale, I do not know the results of my weigh-in. I met with a psychiatrist then I met with Dr. Julie then I met with the nurse practitioner Kelly who was such a dear. After that I was put in a WHEELCHAIR....did you hear me?!? A WHEELCHAIR! My heart was pretty bad and I wasn't allowed to walk. In the mornings I had to wait for a tech to roll me out to the scale and then stand with me while I showered and did my various other morning activities, most humiliating experience of my life. I was wheeled around for two weeks and then I was allowed to use my own to feet to transport myself around. However, I still had to take the elevator because stairs were strictly prohibited. That lasted for 6 fun filled weeks. The days pretty much were all the same. Food, group, food, group, food, group, food, group, food, group, food, bedtime! I was put on weight gain for 6 miserable food-filled weeks but happily I gained my weight.
That's basically my vacation in a nutshell. I missed my family and dear miss Lily so much!
Now you gotta see it to believe it. Observe the difference, which one do you like best?

I'm a changed woman people, a changed woman. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderfully amazing and totally awesome therapist Dr. Julie, my awesome dietician Hayley and all my new best friends at the Center for Change. I would also like to thank my family for their support and I would like to thank Lily for her companionship and love.

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Fairbourn Family said...

I like the second picture better :) I hope you are doing good. I think of you often and concerned about how you are doing. :)